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Tent City Productions. Your number one production company to meet all your needs.
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Lisa Bourgoujian

Executive Producer, Showrunner, Director

Lori Rothschild Ansaldi

Executive Producer, Developer


Tent City Productions is a brand new partnership…16 years in the making. Former LMNO executives Lisa Bourgoujian and Lori Rothschild Ansaldi, have created 100’s of hours of television and multi platform successes and have now joined forces to launch the Tent City brand. Tent City represents the partners’ vision, unique style and extraordinary track record. Their combined work on shows over the past 5 years have been spot-on performers: attracting big numbers and high revenue. Lori’s business savvy coupled with Lisa’s innovative storytelling skills have resulted in an income revenue stream of more than 60 million dollars in cable content alone.


One of the top unscripted developers in the market, Lori started her career as a network executive at Discovery Communications before running development for various production companies. Her ability to understand both sides of the business is what makes her such a strong and effective sales executive.



“It all starts with great content. However, the key to selling is getting those ideas in front of the right people at the right time.” – Lori Rothschild Ansaldi

Lisa graduated from the prestigious Emerson College. Before the ink was dry on her diploma, she moved to LA for an interview and a week later, had her first job in television…she’s been working non-stop ever since. Her impressive credits include: show running, producing, directing and writing in a wide range of genres. And 98% of her shows have been renewed for at least a season two… an extraordinary feat in today’s fragmented television landscape.

“It’s important to create a distinctive personality for every show so the storytelling stands out in the vast sea of content.” –Lisa Bourgoujian

Their various successes are not only top earners, they’re also critical darlings and in the case of HISTORY’s 2016’s DB COOPER: CASE CLOSED… groundbreaking. The two-night special was the most watched show for the network in the past three years. (Bourgoujian served as Executive Producer and Director and Ansaldi developed the project for LMNO.)


While both have a roster of credits in all fields including lifestyle, reality, competition-elimination, and documentary, their recent true crime breakout hits THE CORONER: I SPEAK FOR THE DEAD, MURDER BOOK, DEADLY WIVES, KILLER CONFESSIONS and DIABOLICAL WOMEN have put them at the top of the crime game.


Lisa and Lori are an impressive combination of introvert and extrovert, creativity and salesmanship. While Lori has developed close ties with the industry’s top buyers over the years, Lisa has bested the competition in customizing and tailoring hit shows for various networks.


After working together at LMNO, the two recently launched Tent City and almost immediately  inked a multi-year deal with Fremantle North America bringing unscripted true-crime and history to the media giants already massive portfolio.


“We’re thrilled to be working with Fremantle Media. The moment we met Jen Mullin we knew it was the right fit and we look forward to embarking on this great adventure.”